Unlock your Neobank/PSP ARPU through a first class bulk & subscription engine for SMEs

The leading cloud subscription and bulk payments engine that boost Neobanks/PSPs ARPU to the next digit
Debit2Go Dashboard

We are really into a single quest, empower freelancers and SMEs access to subscriptions and bulk payments through Neobanks and PSPs

While helping banks and PSP provide the service for good

delete all the subscription complexity

Design subscriptions in minutes, not days

With your current payment gateway already integrated and running, non-extra KYC required, just a bunch of clicks, and… Your freelancers and SMEs will be ready to rock.

crafted for them, they small owners

Edit everything on the go, and... Go

An advanced WYSIWYG subscription engine, D2G can provide people, with not advanced digital knowledge, a great idea of what they are building in real time.

collect all the data and make it work

Data from everything

Get all the data related to the plan interactions, visualizations, conversion… Your businesses would be in control, and you will get the aggregated data about it.

A place made to continue the relationship

Subscriber zone

Subscribing its just the first step, then… What? We provide a customized subscriber zone for every business that can be allocated anywhere.

Surveys, landing pages, one-off charges and more

Complete toolkit

Generate integrated surveys to gather all the information from the subscribers on the check-out. Group paging function to put many subscription plans together into a single landing page. Generate one-off charges.

Launch B2B2C/B2B2B in weeks,
break-even in months

Personalize, everything

Not just colors, fonts, and buttons… You can define everything. Details are what matters in the end of the day

Advanced features

Enable businesses to configure up to 35 parametres into a subscription or recurrent billing plan.

Coooool check-out!

A blast check-out crowded with the best practices on check-out UIs that will delight the final customers.

SMEs and Freelancers First

Not many give these brave guys what they deserve. And thats where we highlight our value proposition.

Engine developer ready

Integrate the platform in a seamless way with a single OAUTH2 authentication. Once you are there, configure what matters most for your businesses.

Any integration, is possible

Connect your own payment gateways or a third party service. The one that fit your revenue strategy in a better way.