Solving businesses subscription billing challenges

Turn your products into subscription models tailored to meet your customer needs, and grow your sales.

What does Recurring Billing means for an SME?

It means being able to charge every month without effort

Subscription Assistant

Design subscriptions in minutes, not days

With your current payment gateway already integrated and running, non-extra KYC required, just a bunch of clicks, and… Freelancer/SMEs will be ready to rock.

Subscription Editor

Edit your subscription plans in real time

An advanced WYSIWYG subscription engine, D2G can provide people, with not advanced digital knowledge, a great idea of what they are building in real time.

Subscription Data

Data and control at your fingertips

Get all the data related to the plan interactions, visualizations, conversion… Your businesses would be in control, and you will get the aggregated data about it.

Subscription Management

Subscriber zone made for them

Subscribing its just the first step, then… What? We provide a customized subscriber zone for every business that can be allocated anywhere.

Subscription Extra-tools

Complete toolkit

Generate integrated surveys to gather all the information from the subscribers on the check-out. Group paging function to put many subscription plans together into a single landing page. Generate one-off charges.