Offer embedded billing, invoicing & payments to SMEs in days

D2G is the easiest way to offer complete payments solutions to SMEs and freelancers
+70.000 Businesses trust on us

What does billing, payments and invoicing tools mean?

It means saving +60h every month to your businesses


Recurring Billing models at SMEs fingertips

In a few clicks, SMEs can easily design their pricing strategy and process recurring transactions with confidence.


SMEs Invoice Management simplified

Craft your own invoices in a matter of minutes and send them to your customers with ease. Collect the invoices from your suppliers and pay them in bulk.


SMEs Pay-outs in minutes, not hours

Bulk-pay the boring stuff (salaries, providers, others) and dedicate time to what businesses really need.


Pay-ins on autopilot

Manage your Direct Debits in a centralized panel with all the functionalities you missed.